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Cultivated & Bottled in California
Premium E-Liquid hand-crafted in Southern California.
Flavoured Vapour Tonics
The pawn shape reminded us initially of the drip tip as did liquid bottles sitting on our tables. The official dictionary definition defines a Pawn as: 2. (noun) Someone or something who is used or manipulated to further another person’s purposes. We thought of our liquid much like the “pawn”. It’s fitting that the game of chess (a sophisticated and complex game) uses the pawn. The pawn moves only forward and is often sacrificed (much like our liquid). We decided to start with five complex...
Hop-heads and IPA lovers rejoice! Frontier Vapor is proud to announce Hop Harvest, our new monthly line of small-batch e-Liquid crafted exclusively for the Hops enthusiast. Each month we create a limited edition numbered Hop Harvest blend, made with triple-filtered extracts from the finest all natural whole-cone hops. From time to time we'll reissue our most popular blends in larger production batches. Hop Harvest is not a beer flavored e-Liquid, rather it has been created to showcase the delicious herbal notes of the hop plant.
Premium hand-crafted e-juice with Big Alaskan Flavor for your personal vaping pleasure. All your favorite deep north flavors like Bear Claw, Vanillawesome, Fancy Pants, and of course $100 Apple Pie.
Suicide Bunny is a premium US made e-juice line. The creator of these beautifully crafted e-liquids is dedicated to raising the bar and providing an e-juice experience that will please both novice and expert vapers. Based in Texas, Suicide Bunny e-juices use only the best ingredients, and they give complex flavor that will leave you wanting more.
Started in late 2013, Teleos Juice Company was founded to bring a new level of depth to the e-juice industry. New flavors, new experiences, new ideas.
Fine, Handcrafted e-Juice for an Unparalleled Vaping Experience

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