Modern Slavery Statement 2022

At Vapers Juice Box, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and promoting responsible business practices. We take the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking seriously and are dedicated to preventing these heinous acts from infiltrating our operations and supply chains.

Our Policy:

Vapers Juice Box has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery in all its forms, including forced labor, human trafficking, child labor, and any other violation of basic human rights. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner, ensuring that slavery and human trafficking have no place in our organization.

Our Actions:

  1. Supplier Due Diligence: We carefully select our suppliers, partners, and contractors based on their commitment to human rights, fair labor practices, and adherence to local and international laws. We conduct due diligence to assess their compliance with our expectations and require them to provide transparency regarding their own supply chains.
  2. Code of Conduct: We have established a robust Code of Conduct that outlines our expectations for all individuals and entities associated with Vapers Juice Box. This code emphasizes the prohibition of modern slavery, encourages fair treatment, and promotes respect for human rights throughout our operations.
  3. Training and Awareness: We provide regular training and awareness programs to our employees and contractors, ensuring they understand the risks of modern slavery, can identify potential indicators, and know how to report any concerns or suspicions. We encourage a culture of vigilance and accountability in combating modern slavery.
  4. Reporting Mechanism: We maintain a confidential reporting mechanism that allows employees, suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders to raise concerns or report suspected instances of modern slavery within our organization or supply chains. We thoroughly investigate any reported incidents and take appropriate action to address and prevent future occurrences.
  5. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously reviewing and improving our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct. We actively engage with industry initiatives, best practices, and relevant legislation to stay informed and adapt our approach as necessary.

Our Future Commitment:

Vapers Juice Box will continue to prioritize the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking in all our business operations. We will regularly review and update our policies, collaborate with industry stakeholders, and contribute to collective efforts aimed at combating modern slavery.

By adopting a comprehensive and proactive approach, we aim to ensure that our operations and supply chains remain free from modern slavery and that our business practices contribute positively to society.

For any questions or concerns regarding our Modern Slavery Statement, please contact us at [email protected].